Monday, May 18, 2009


I just want everything to be ok
To not have to worry about tomorrows and yesterdays
I want to fight for love and justice and freedom
People just seem to think they don’t need them

People fear what they don’t understand
And I’m just a stranger in this land
I have different priorities
Yet somehow all they see is depravity

I find solace within myself
And with knowing that they’re the ones missing out
Trying to get them to understand
Is just building castles in the sand

It’s so much harder fighting for honesty
Now that we live in a world of hypocrisy
Just because you don’t like the truth
Doesn’t mean you can escape your lie’s noose

Like music announces the ice cream truck
So your cries tell me you’re stuck
Too bad, you should’ve listened to me
The truth always sets you free

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It Takes More Than Ears to Hear

You ask me how I feel
But are you really listening
You ask me to be real
While your plastic face is glistening

It takes more than ears to hear
It takes more than eyes to see
To see what causes my fear
Your self must cease to be

I can’t run
I can’t hide
So I choose to be alone
And hide my pain inside

You can never understand
Why I hide away
You can’t see who I am
Because you cause the pain

I’m tired of trying
I’m tired of wanting
I’m tired of crying
I’m tired of saying nothing

It takes more than ears to hear
It takes more than eyes to see
To stop the flowing tears
Your self must cease to be