Monday, March 23, 2009


This weekend was a rough one for me. Between work, school stress, and friend drama I was worn to the bone. Seeing this, one of my friends decided that he was going to cheer me up. So he gathered up my close group of friends and we all went to the park. Yes, that’s right, we went to the park… needless to say we’re all kid’s a heart. We brought sandwiches, played some sand volleyball, enjoyed some basketball, and eventually started playing with the slide and monkey bars. Now, this slide at the park is no ordinary slide… it is the mother of all slides. It’s so big that my friend Eric could slide down in sitting up. Well we were up at the top of the tower talking- him with his back to the slide, me leaned up against the tower wall. I got called down because my phone was ringing and Eric decided to stay there and wait for me. I finished up my phone conversation and am about to head back up when I hear Eric scream, “WAIT! NO! AHHHHHHH!” This was followed by a thump at the bottom of the slide and a burst of laughter from the top. I look over to see Eric gingerly getting up from his lumped over position at the bottom of the slide. Up at the top of the tower I see Matt who says, “Dude! You should never turn your back to a slide! Those things are dangerous!” Eric just rolled his eyes and swore Matt would regret that move. Eric looked at me and said, “Jess? What’s wrong? What are you thinking?” All I could say was, “Hello, Jesus.” I’d been fighting God all week… well really all year. He’s been telling me to go down the slide and my only response to Him was, “well, it’s a long way down and it’s kinda scary… I don’t want to.” Every day he nudges me a little bit closer to the slide and I say “no” a little bit louder each time. Well this weekend he pushed me down it. The world could hear my scream of, “WAIT! NO! AHHHHH!” as I slid down. Then as I pull myself up from the bumpy trip and look up confused at God He just says, “Don’t you know? Never turn your back on my slide.” Ha, I love how God can use a prank between my guy friends to make my focus shift back to Him. Hello, Jesus.